Video Premiere: Gold Fields, 'Dark Again'

Watch Gold Fields' eerily tribal "Dark Again" video.

We recently buzzed about Australian quintet Gold Fields, and for good reason: The dance-rock outfit borrow musical cues from a slew of indie greats (think fellow Australians Cut Copy combined with the heavy-hitting urgency of Bloc Party). Though their influences are prominent, Gold Fields still manage to carve out their unique mark (sometimes literally in the form of tribal symbols) with powerfully hooky minor-key harmonious and a lush, synth-packed delivery.

Added to Astralwerks Records' roster (the proud parents of electro mainstays like Swedish House Mafia, Hot Chip, and Kraftwerk), Gold Fields currently have a self-titled EP out, are expecting the release of their debut album, Black Sun, on Feb. 26, 2013, and have just released their latest video, for "Dark Again."

 Watch Gold Fields' "Dark Again" video after the jump.

Filmed in black-and-white, "Dark Again" chronicles some kind of showdown between a stark-white tribal-looking guy in a giant headdress and a pissed off-looking wolf. While the wolf threateningly bares his teeth, the tribal guy gets to work painting an all-white wall with dark, mysterious triangular shapes, seemingly reminiscent of prehistoric cave drawings. When the camera isn't focused on our tribal friend, it cuts to shots of Gold Fields rocking out, oftentimes filmed in slow motion for dramatic effect. Toward the video's end we see that the tribal wall painting is actually the backdrop to Gold Fields' performance space -- full circle! (Or full triangle, as the case may be). Oh, and just in case anybody was wondering, the wolf eventually backs off -- we're guessing either the tribal guy won the staring contest or just got tired of trying to guess the artwork's meaning -- that happens to us all the time.

+ Watch Gold Fields' "Dark Again" video.

+ BONUS! Watch Gold Fields' perform "Treehouse" live.

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Photo credit: Astralwerks Records