New Song: Fort Lean, 'The Mall'

Fort Lean really loves the mall, guys.

It shouldn't come as a shock that we've got a little thing for Brooklyn-based rockers Fort Lean. You might recall their song "Sunsick" (which is a JAM, by the way) from when we first buzzed about them. Or perhaps it was their cinematic "All The Lights" that turned us into FL converts. So you can imagine how psyched we are to bring you Fort Lean's latest, "The Mall." And nope, it's not realllly about shopping, per se.

Listen to Fort Lean's "The Mall" after the jump.

In their classic style, lead singer Keenan Mitchell SLAYS us with his lush vocals, enhanced only by the tight harmonies from the rest of the band. Taken from Fort Lean's Change Your Name EP"The Mall" seems to be a shopping center on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you'll find a lot more to the song than simple musings about the food court: "I'll make you drive me to the mall/ That's the only place I want to go.../ Everything we see is perfect." Right? There's definitely a metaphor in there somewhere. And actually, even if there's not, you gotta give props to these boys for writing an ode to the No. 1 suburban teenage hangout. (But we can almost guarantee there's a deeper meaning. Why else would guys from BK sing about a mall, you know?)

+ Listen to Fort Lean's "The Mall."

Photo credit: Fort Lean