Star Spotting: Pharrell And Diddy Go Shopping Together, Because Bros Dates Are ALWAYS In Style (PHOTO)

Pharrell and Diddy went on a shopping bro date.

We know, you're all like, "But celebrities shop in designer stores all the time! This is no biggie." And fine, that's true, but there's just a lil' something extra about the sight of Pharrell and Diddy werqueing their American Express Black Cards at Lanvin that makes us realllly happy. Maybe it's because dudes don't traditionally go on shopping dates? Or perhaps, it's because Diddy's arm is so casually resting on Pharrell's shoulder?! Whatever it is, we just can't help but be entranced by this photo's serious aura of #bromance!

Pharrell (who, for all those true fashionistas out there, was rocking Lanvin's new sheepskin jacket) and his shopping buddy Diddy were snapped by Lanvin staffers who were thrilled the duo decided to stop by for a little retail therapy: "Thanks, @Pharrell for stopping by with #Diddy. You rock in our #Lanvin sheepskin coat. xo." But also, what happened next?! Did the bros hit up Prada and give each other fashion advice? Did they go have some caviar for lunch, followed by a deep tissue massage? Or maybe it was courtside seats at a Knicks game? If anyone can offer accurate insight as to what the second half of Pharrell and Diddy's day out on the town looked like, we'd be forever grateful. (Fantasizing with half the info is no fun! TMI.)

Photo credit: @LANVINofficial