One Direction Is MTV's Artist Of The Year, And Taylor Swift Is The Runner-Up, Which Feels Like Fate!

Congrats to One Direction and Taylor Swift for winning MTV's best artists of 2012!

Maybe you've been following along with us (well, ::Bane voice:: YOU SHOULD BE), but it's been a MAJOR year for MTV artists. And to help us keep track of all the "Live While We're Youngs," "Die Youngs," Rihanna planes, and "Gangnam Styles," MTV has been making lots of lists to decipher which songs and artists were the best of 2012, nay, DESERVE to be the best of 2012. In fact, we were so overwhelmed by the slew of talent this year that we rounded up our top 10 artists of 2012, a list that includes Flo Rida, Psy, Nicki Minaj, Carly Rae Jepsen (who also earned MTV's "Best Song Of 2012" with "Call Me Maybe"), Frank Ocean, Rihanna, 2 Chainz, and fun. After learning MTV's Best Artists Of 2012 picks, we can finally reveal that No. 2 and No. 1 belong to Taylor Swift and One Direction, respectively! It's like FATE. BECAUSE #HAYLOR.

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Seriously, guys, how much better does life have to get for One Direction (read: Harry Styles) and Taylor Swift? Not only are the two full-on dating, earning their very own couple's hashtag, doing "Dirty Dancing" lifts, and taking romantic vacations to England, but now they're sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER as MTV's best artists of 2012! Obviously they are probably discussing this over a romantic birthday dinner as we speak (when they're not making googly eyes and meeting/kissing in the middle of a long piece of spaghetti).

So, if we didn't say it before, here it is: Congrats to One Direction for being MTV's Best Artist Of The Year! And congrats to Taylor for earning the No. 2 spot, releasing "I Knew You Were Trouble." on "MTV First," and turning 23, Let THIS moment be the icing on (what is probably a very large) cake!

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Photo credit: Michele Crowe/Getty Images