New Video: MNDR, 'Feed Me Diamonds'

Watch MNDR's FABULOUS "Feed Me Diamonds" video.

Give Rihanna a diamond, and she'll shine bright in the sky. Give MNDR a diamond, and she'll, well, eat it.

"Feed Me Diamonds" is one of the most jagged, chilly, electronic cuts (and the title track!) from Brooklyn-based performer Amanda Warner's fantastic debut LP, which was released earlier in 2012. It's a song about eating diamonds and bleeding out slowly -- just the right amount of cheer in time for Christmastime, no? And now, the track's accompanying clip is finally upon us...and it's a fishy situation.

Watch MNDR's "Feed Me Diamonds" video after the jump.

The video -- which, according to the singer herself, pays homage to Serbian performance artist, Marina Abramovic -- follows a man's process as he slowly, masterfully transforms into a glamorous drag queen for the night. But wait, it's not just any man -- it's Raven from "RuPaul's Drag Race"! From the makeup, to the ginormous butt pads, to the "Lady Marmalade"-friendly poof of a wig that would have everyone's favorite unbreakable flower Christina Aguilera fanning herself and snarling with royal desire (SAY!), Raven glams it up perfectly to deliver another showstopping performance.

For "Paris Is Burning" enthusiasts, fans of The Knife's "Pass This On," and faithful "RuPaul's Drag Race" devotees, this clip's going to be an instant favorite. Ru, most certainly, will be beaming with pride.

+ Watch MNDR's "Feed Me Diamonds" video.

Photo credit: Green Label Sound