Katy Perry And John Mayer Pose With The 'Christmas Story' Cast, End Up Taking Awkward Family Photos Instead


Katy Perry and John Mayer pose with the cast of "A Christmas Story: The Musical."

Are they on? Are they off? We're still not sure WHAT the status of Katy Perry and John Mayer's maybe-yes-maybe-no relationship is, but would a couple that's not really a couple look THAT happy posing in Christmas pictures next to the the cast of “A Christmas Story: The Musical"? Actually, the real question here is would John Mayer ever be caught dead chilling with the cast of "A Christmas Story: The Musical" if Katy Perry hadn't brought him along? #Whipped.

Katy and John hit up the Broadway performance of the show, then somehow ended up turning what should have been a picture-perfect backstage moment with the cast into one of the most awkward family photos we've ever seen. Also, is it just us, or does John look toooootally domesticated these days? Gone is the long hair, gone is his giant go-to cowboy hat, and instead there's John looking like the cutest, bestest boyfriend ever. Posing with adorable children. With Katy in a TERRIBLE X-mas sweater/dress/thing. Add that to the one time Katy Perry rocked a unicolored sweat suit in front of John, and you've got yourself A FULL-ON RELATIONSHIP. No more denying it, kids. If you're posing with children in holiday-themed attire, then the only things you have left to do are preset the DVR to "Antiques Road Show" and stock up on some birdfeed with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Photo credit: Getty Images