New Video: Jessie Ware, 'Sweet Talk'

Jessie Ware shows off her childish side in "Sweet Talk."

Is it just us or does it seem like pop stars are getting younger and younger these days? (Unless you watched the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief last night, that is). This adorable new video from British throwback R&B and soul-slinger Jessie Ware takes that idea literally, featuring a couple of the cutest little hipsters you've ever seen playing the roles of Ware and producer Julio Bashmore, who happens to be one of our favorite producers in the world right now. (Seriously, go listen to his track "Battle For Middle You" as soon as you're done here.)

Watch Jessie Ware's "Sweet Talk" video after the jump.

We've also been losing it over Ware herself since the release of her album Devotion earlier this summer, as has just about every music critic anywhere. This track is a pretty good indicator why -- the chilled-out synths and retro drum machine vibe provide an airy little cushion for Ware's golden-honey vocals to hover above, coming pretty close to replicating the light-as-air feeling of being lost in love.

Putting the video in the hands of a couple of grade schoolers provides for a pretty interesting contrast, however, particularly given the song's lyrical content. But even more so, because it gives a pretty good lesson on why you wouldn't want little kids in the studio: because they're going to start a food fight. That's expensive equipment, you guys! Ware, who shows up as the duo's proud mother in the video, is a lot more forgiving, and probably the hippest mom ever. Most of the talent shows we can remember going to at that age were nowhere near as cool, then again we didn't have someone this talented packing our lunches.

+Watch Jessie Ware's "Sweet Talk" video.

Photo credit: PMR Records