Taylor Swift And One Direction's Harry Styles Feed The Birds, Take A Giant Leap Toward Old, Married Couple (PHOTO)

Please enjoy another photo of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles doing ridiculously cute things.

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! Seriously, good for you today: It's your 23rd birthday, things seem to be going amazingly with the new #Haylor sitch, AND you're unveiling the new video for "I Knew You Were Trouble." Again, SO pleased about your new romantic situation, but it's just that our self-esteem kindddd of can't take any more of these picture-perfect photo ops with you and your new boyf. Because how are we even supposed to feel good about the fact that we're going on a second dinner date with a first-year med student when you're all "I'm doing the 'Dirty Dancing' lift," and "strolling around the zoo," and now "posing with birds" in the same month. It's slowly killing us.

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Anyway, as you probably know by now, Haylor (the budding romance between Taylor Swift + One Direction's Harry Styles) is an IRL thing. In fact, their relationship is progressing so well that the couple took a mini vacay to England's picturesque Lake District. While there, in addition to what we presume to be lavish English meals and unlimited English shopping sprees (very expensive tea? And obviously Burberry everything), Haylor found time to get all flirty while feeding some birds in front of the Old England Hotel & Spa. Getting bird poop feathers in your hair is perhaps not the most romantic way to start your day, but it sure does make for another Kodak moment to add to Haylor's ever-growing collection. What's next, pushing twin toddlers on the swing in Central Park? Sipping one milkshake with two straws? Actually, that milkshake one is probably not too far down the road.

Photo credit: Splash News