Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Kind Of Almost Smooched L.A. Reid, And He Looks A-OK With It! (PHOTO)

That one time Demi Lovato maybe flirted with L.A. Reid and he maybe liked it?

We're used to seeing "X Factor" dramz go down between Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato (those two bicker like an old married couple!), but things are usually pretty copacetic between Demi and her "X Factor" co-judge L.A. Reid. Pardon us, did we say "copacetic"? Because, we actually meant super flirty! Or at least maybe L.A. Reid wants them to be? We don't know guys -- it's all getting a little weird.

Late last night, in addition to this photo of Demi doing the "I'm sticking my tongue out of the side of my mouth to be a lil' provocative" pose, L.A. sent out a rather, how shall we say, bold tweet in regards to a potential future makeout sesh with Demi: "#IWouldKillToMeet @ddlovato lips!" Yep, there it is, folks: the most awkward tweet of all our lives! Of course, Demi (who by the way just won "The Big & Best Of 2012" Last Fans Standing!) played right along and replied to L.A. with a simple yet effective: "You are CRAZY." But is he? After all, it was Demi that kick-started this whole situation by doing the "I'm sticking my tongue out" thing, so maybe she's actually down? Who knows? Demi, care to comment? (Seriously, how good are we at creating gossip, guys??)

Photo credit: @LA_Reid