Star Spotting: Ke$ha Gives The Best Cat Eyes, ROWR (PHOTO)

Ke$ha looks FEROSH in her cat-eye makeup.

Is this a thing, guys? Are all our favorite pop stars turning into cats?! First, Demi Lovato turned into a leopard with a little help from makeup, and now Ke$ha's showing off some eyeliner cat eyes and looks GORGEABLE (that's gorgeous and adorable -- use it with your friends). Actually, if this is a trend to expect in 2013, we're down. Just imagine how much cuter and cuddlier all of our favorite feline-loving pop stars would be if they started looking like kitties themselves! (We're looking at you, Taylor Swift.)

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The "Die Young" singer shared the photo on Instagram along with the very clever caption "meow." We're always loving the maaaany magical things Ke$ha's done with makeup, so we're kinda wondering what she's planning to sport during her upcoming "MTV Club NYE 2013" performance. (But for now, we're so happy she's decided to wash her face/go minimal on the makeup.) May we suggest she show up in full cat makeup and just do a bunch of cartwheels on stage while performing hits from her super successful Warrior album?! (Yes, we realize we're taking this whole cat thing a little too far, but be honest: You'd totally cancel all your NYE plans to watch that kinda ish go down.)

+ We're so happy that Ke$ha decided to wash her face this year!

Photo credit: Ke$ha's Instagram