Let's Talk About That Time Big Boi Met Martha Stewart (PHOTO)

Big Boi, meet Martha Stewart.

Bet you didn't see this one coming. Because what are the chances that Martha Stewart's social calendar would intersect with Big Boi's social calendar? Basically zero, right? WRONG!

Magically, somehow, the hip-hop/homemaking stars have aligned, because behold! Martha Stewart and Big Boi were in fact in the same place at the same time (they were both guests on "The View"), and yes, they did manage to pose for a photo. A photo where Martha Stewart is caressing thousands of dollars worth of Big Boi's neck bling. Martha seemed totally excited to be holding this mystical item called "bling," and judging by the look of pure bliss on Big Boi's mug, he also seemed to be pretty excited about his run-in with the Queen of Domesticity. Seriously, who do we have to pay to get a potential duet in the works? "Big Boi Featuring Martha Stewart??" That's one helluva lineup right there.

Photo credit: Big Boi's Tumblr