Avril Lavigne Covered Nickelback's 'How You Remind Me,' And It's Officially The Year 2001 Again

Avril Lavigne covered her future husband's hit "How You Remind Me," and we kinda like it!

Brace yourselves, y'all, because the Canadian entity that is #Chavril (Avril Lavigne + Chad Kroeger of Nickelback) have just taken things to an ENTIRELY new level, and you honestly might not be able to handle it. The newly engaged Avril just covered Nickelback's famous hit "How You Remind Me," and it's actually pretty lovely. Or dare we say, ACTUALLY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

Listen to Avril Lavigne's cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" after the jump.

Recorded as part of the soundtrack to the Japanese film "One Piece Film Z," Avril's take on her soon-to-be hubby's hit is a complete 180 from the driving-rock vibe of Nickelback's original. Avril slows things down entirely and whips the song into a haunting ballad that could totally be used for a hot make-out scene, or funeral scene, or a breakup scene, depending on the movie's plotline (that's versatility, guys). Not to go there, but we're totally gonna do it anyway: Does anyone else get a "first dance at our wedding song" vibe from this song?? Because we do.

+ Listen to Avril Lavigne's cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."

Photo credit: Getty Images