Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Gives Kevin Jonas The Keys To His Fisker Karma, Best Brother Ever (PHOTOS)

Yo bro, will you let me drive your whip??

There is no better display of brotherly love, or Jonas Brothers-ly love, than by allowing your older bro to drive your superslick white Fisker Karma sports car, amirite? Because, just in case you're unfamiliar, a Fisker is a totally fierce whip with a base sticker price of $100,000 (that's without the bells and whistles, y'all), and Joe Jonas let his bro Kevin drive it! (Legit, there must be something about Fisker cars that inspire sharing, because remember when Justin Bieber gave his all Chrome Fisker to his pal Sean Kingston? Insanity.)

Yesterday afternoon, Joe (the proud owner of a brand-new rope tat) and Kevin Jonas were snapped going for an adorbz bro-to-bro lunch. After their double order of grilled cheese and tomato soup (we made that up, but how cute would it be if they ordered the same thing??), Kev and Joe casually sauntered back to their marshmallow-colored Fisker and rode off into the sunset. Truth time: I don't even let my best friend in the entire world slip her same-size-as-mine foot in the two-seasons-ago designer shoes I bought on sale, so we have to give massive props to Joe for trusting his brother enough to drive his precious Fisker. #SharingIsCaring.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News