Star Spotting: Beyonce Poses Next To A Giant Clam, Because She's Our Very Own Venus (PHOTO)

 Beyoncé looks adorbz posing next to a giant clam at Art Basel in Miami.

We like admiring art and all, but there is nothing better than admiring Beyoncé admiring art. Take for example this picture of Bey posing next to a giant clam in an art gallery. And while some art critics might say that Bey's photo is attempting to re-create Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth Of Venus," our artistic interpretation (garnered by our Art History 101 studies in college) would be, "DAY-UM BEY, KEEP ON WORKING THEM BANGS!" Annnd thus completes our very scholarly art critique.

The "I Was Here" singer took a break from the recording studio to attend Art Basel in Miami where she shared a photo of her enjoying the exhibit on Tumblr. While the metaphor of what this enormous shell means is lost on us (because we took Art 101, not English 101), we'd like to think Beyoncé's using the clam to make a reference to the HILARIOUS Prince Show skit on "Saturday Night Live" -- "Prince wants you to go stand in that clam!" Or maybe she was getting close enough to see how the enormous shell would look as a pair of earrings (guys, she is a trendsetter). What we do know for sure is this giant clam is now worth a bazillion dollars (to us, anyway), because Bey was in its presence, and we would now like to own it (even if we have no idea what we would do with it).

Photo credit: Beyonce's Tumblr