New Song: A Rocket To The Moon, 'Ever Enough'

Get lovey-dovey with A Rocket To The Moon's new track, "Ever Enough."

Ever notice how the most lyrically lovey-dovey songs often double as the saddest sounding songs in the world? Maybe it's because a lot of musicians know that the the flip side of never-ending love is big old stupid heartbreak? (We're totally not bitter. Love is a beautiful thang.) Thankfully, A Rocket To The Moon split the difference on their new track "Ever Enough," featured on their forthcoming Wild & Free disc out on Jan. 29 from Fueled By Ramen.

Listen to A Rocket to the Moon's "Ever Enough" after the jump.

"For all that it's worth is it worth it?" Nick Santino sings, sounding like he's been through this routine once or twice before. "How can we know without searching?" That's the hard part, isn't it? You have to forget all the other times it didn't work, and hope that this is the time that "forever" actually means it. Or, if that fails, you can start a popular rock band, spend a few years touring and building up a fanbase, write a supersensitive song that everyone goes crazy for, waving their phones in the air and show-spooning with their BFs and GFs, play it for the one that got away, and really teach them a lesson. (Mmmmm, that sounds like kind of a lot of work though. We guess this is why iPod playlists exist.)

The song, a total last-dance prom ballad, has a hint of sensitively plucked country-pop twang lurking under the surface of its emo-coustic slow jam veneer. (That's probably because the band recorded the album in Nashville.) Although if you ask us, it surprisingly kind of harkens back to some classic Oasis-style ballad rock, minus the guitar bombast. (Brilliant taste, if so, ARTTM.)

+ Listen to A Rocket to the Moon's "Ever Enough."

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Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen