Video Premiere: Skylar Grey Featuring Eminem, 'C'Mon Let Me Ride' (NSFW)

Skylar Grey is queen of the trailer park in her new Eminem-assisted video, "C'Mon Let Me Ride."

We kinda had a hunch this new Skylar Grey video featuring Eminem, "C'Mon Let Me Ride," would be, how shall we say, a doozy. Or, in simpler terms, when your video gets animated cover art that looks like this, you know your audience is in for a treat. And what a treat we got, because trailer park shenanigans! And Skylar Grey riding a bike in a bikini!

Watch Skylar Grey's "C'Mon Let Me Ride" video featuring Eminem after the jump.

In the kitschy clip, Skylar is the queen bee of the trailer park. Not only does she spend her days looking hot in a flannel shirt (no easy feat), she tools around said trailer park riding a bike with handles that are actually antlers. Zero exaggeration whatsoever. When that's done, Skylar goes all Christina Aguilera "Your Body murderess" on us as she tries to sabotage a group of cliquey trailer park blondes by locking them in a tanning machine. Skylar's good pal Eminem comes 'round to hang shortly thereafter, and not only does he playfully sing the song's hefty sample of Queen's 1978 hit "Bicycle Race," but he spits his own verse while, you guessed it, riding a bike. It's a totally bizarre world of bikes, bikinis, and trailer park fun we never knew existed, and we never would have expected to learn of it from Skylar Grey. But she definitely pulls it off, and we would maybe even consider going to her trailer park for a weekend getaway if we had our own mobile home. With a lock on the door.

+ Watch Skylar Grey's "C'Mon Let Me Ride" video featuring Eminem (NSFW).

Photo credit: Interscope Records