Usher Skydives Out Of A Helicopter, Because He Is Made Of Time And Money (PHOTO)

Usher takes us on his skydiving adventure. We can't EVEN.

Say you're metaphorically on top of the world with a MAY-JOR successful music career, yet you want to take life to the next level... but how? Well, if you're Usher, YOU JUMP OUT OF A HELICOPTER to literally be on top of the world! And while we usually like our pop stars safe and sound on the ground (we're still flipping out that someone let One Direction bunjee jump), we have to admit that seeing Ush skydive in just a T-shirt (guys, it's SUPER cold up there!) has officially amped his hot meter to a full 11... not that he really needed help in that department.

The "Dive" singer shared his adventure on Instagram with the hilarious caption "Oooooohhhhh s*******!!!!!" We'd normally be WTF-ing all over the place about how scary this looks, but Usher was in good hands since he was jumping with professionals while in Dubai for the World Parachuting Championships. He was in town to perform during the closing ceremonies (along with Katy Perry), and while Katy chose to be a desert princess with a camel in her downtime, Usher opted to relax by testing out his life insurance policy (J/K!). But seriously, we're hyperventilating even thinking about this whole thing. Lucky for us, we have these GIFs of Usher getting shirtless to calm us all down. Annnd all is right in the world again.

Photo Credit:@howUseeit