New Song: Blink-182, 'Boxing Day'

Get in the Boxing Day (?) spirit with Blink-182's brand-new track.

It's looking like we're in for a very Blink-182 Christmas, which actually sounds a little wild -- we're thinking that tree is going out the window reallllll quick. On the plus side, you won't have to spend much time shopping for the pop-punk fan in the family with the release of the band's new dogs eating dogs EP, coming out Dec. 18 (Blink's first release as a once-again-indie band!), and brand-new song "Boxing Day."

Listen to Blink-182's "Boxing Day" after the jump.

As if a new EP from the "What's My Age Again" trio wasn't exciting enough (he-LLO stocking stuffers!), they're also offering a bunch of gift bundles to go along with the pre-order, including limited-edition screen prints, T-shirts, and hoodies you can enshroud in Blink-182 wrapping paper along with a Blink-182 card, which we're guessing mom might not appreciate, but who knows, maybe you've got a particularly cool family. Fun, right?

You know what's not fun, though? Getting broken up with the day after Christmas. [frownyfaceinaSantahat.gif] Because that's what “Boxing Day” is about. (Boxing Day, FYI, is a holiday the day after Christmas in the U.K., and doesn't really have anything to do with punching people out, unless their shopping holidays are anything like our Black Fridays in the U.S.).

The slow acoustic track is kind of a bummer, but, you know, the best kind of bummer, one you want to keep going back to again and again because sometimes it feels nice and cathartic to linger on the sad parts. "I'm empty like the day after Christmas/ Swept beneath the wave of your goodbye," they sing. "You left me on the day after Christmas/ There's nothing left to say and so good night." Oof. Cold as ice, indeed.

+ Listen to Blink-182's "Boxing Day."

Photo credit: Blink-182