Star Spotting: Jennifer Lopez Sits On A Giant Red Throne, AKA Right Where She Belongs (PHOTOS)

If anyone is meant to sit on a giant red throne, it's J.Lo.

Truthfully, we have absolutely no clue where or why or how this bizarre, plush, red throne-chair in the shape of a flower heart (is that even a thing?) with crystal balls on the arms got on stage at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia, but we are INTO IT. Why? Because Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate queen, and if anyone should sit atop a plush red throne with crystal ball-adorned arms (???), it should be J. Lo. And Britney Spears, but she wasn't available that night.

Check out more photos of Jennifer Lopez sitting on her incredible plush throne after the jump.

Earlier today (because it's already tomorrow in Australia!), Jennifer's world tour made a stopover at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena. Before the show, J.Lo took some time out to dress in all white (like an angel, bride, or another saint-like creature!) and sit in her ginormous red chair while she fielded questions from the press. Jennifer looked right at home atop her custom-made throne (because does she look like she does store-bought? No.) and even seemed to totally ham it up and have a laugh with members of the Australian press. The real question is, How much do we think it costs to have one of these babies commissioned for my new apartment? Or, perhaps J. Lo might read this post and be kind enough to ship me her chair as my present for all eight nights of Hanukkah? Because sometimes celebs do that kinda stuff for Stans, no??

Gettin' comfy.

Photo credit: Getty Images