Star Spotting: Katy Perry Poses With A Camel Like A Legit Exotic Goddess (PHOTO)

Katy Perry seriously resembles an exotic goddess in Dubai.

Shakira may have kissed a whale, and One Direction's Harry Styles may have snuggled with a koala, but Katy Perry's latest photo with a giant camel definitely tops our "Best Exotic Animals Pop Stars Get To Pose With" list (we love making lists around here). Also, we give Katy 1 million extra credit points for getting that close to an animal with a serious reputation for spitting. It's that kind of bravery (on top of being SUPER talented) that scores you Billboard's Woman Of The Year title.

The "Wide Awake" singer shared the photo of her serving up some serious desert princess realness on Twitter along with the caption "I [heart] Dubai." Katy was actually in the United Arab Emirates to perform at the World Parachuting Championship's closing ceremony (yes, such a thing exists and yes, Katy officially gets to do the coolest stuff), but she also saved time to visit the world's luckiest camel. We repeat: That camel got to hang out with Katy Perry. Now, excuse me while I go start a brand-new list: "Exotic Animals' Lives I Wish I Had."

Photo credit: @katyperry