Zayn Malik Commemorated One Direction's Sold-Out Madison Square Garden Shows With An MSG Tattoo (PHOTO)

Zayn Malik got some new ink in honor of 1D's sold-out Madison Square Garden concert.

We guess when you sell out Madison Square Garden, aka NYC's largest venue, the best way to honor the moment would be to get a commemorative tattoo, right? Because are you ever gonna get sick of reminding yourself that you're a baller who sold out MSG? Nope! In fact, we're pretty positive that even when you're old and wrinkly, you're still gonna wanna think about it. Every day, all day.

Check out more phtoos of Zayn Malik's new MSG tattoo after the jump.

Shortly after finishing their sold-out MSG gig, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik asked pro tattoo artist John Bahel to visit their hotel room so they could get some brand-new ink. In fact, John even tweeted about the rare occurrence, explaining, "I usually don't make house calls but made an exception for #onedirection #zaynmalik#louistomlinson." Damn right 1D is an exception!

While we can't yet confirm Louis' new ink (how about a pic, bb?), we think Zayn's new design definitely says "MSG." It's all so cute and emotional! Well that, and maybe it's just kind of awesome to have a constant reminder of your ability to put more than 18,200 butts in seats (and make bank). It's like, "Feeling down today, Zayn? Just look at your arm! You sold out MSG, so you don't EVER HAVE TO BE SADZ AGAIN." Either that, or it's a friendly reminder of an obscure member of the Bloodhound Gang. Hey, whatever works.

Photo credit: Getty Images/@John_Bahel