Justin Bieber's Time At The Gym Is Obviously Paying Off, Because THOSE GUNS! (PHOTO)

JB's muscles bulge even when he's not really flexing. It's unbelievable.

Judging by his 9,000,000 "look at my chiseled abs" gym photos, we kinda already guessed that Justin Bieber's workouts were srrrrrrssly paying off. Aside from his milli-pack midsection, Justin's got some seriously bulging biceps that LOOK MASSIVE EVEN WHEN HE'S NOT REALLY FLEXING. Just FYI, that's a skill mainly reserved for profesh body builders and The Hulk.

This stunning photo of JB (in all white -- like an angel! Or a bride...) and his muscles was captured as The Biebs took the stage at 93.3 FLZ's Jingle Ball in Tampa. Just so y'all are totally clear, one's muscles don't just start bulging out of nowhere, especially when you're just sitting pretty on a wooden stool, but JB is just that ripped. The kid ain't even trying to flex. He just does it by default. We guess it's good that Justin's staying on his fitness, though, since he just added a whopping 30 more tour dates to his already grueling schedule. #Stamina #Onhisgrind

Photo credit: Getty Images