Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Gets 'CeCe-Fied,' AKA Gets Leopard Spots Painted On Her Face (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato gets leopard spots painted on her face to support "The X Factor"'s CeCe Frey!

While our spirit animal is Demi Lovato (with "Skyscraper" as our spirit song, obvs), Demi's got another animal on her mind... or face, actually -- it's a leopard! We never doubted that drawing such a pattern on Demi would look so GORG (thanks to Ke$ha, we think of celebs making artwork out of their heads all the time), but we're waaay more excited about what Demi's look actually means. Guys, here's visual proof that you are never too old for face painting! And if anyone EVER gives you a hard time about it, just shout: "DEMI DOES IT, SO CAN I." (It always works for us... OK it hasn't yet, but...any day now ::Crosses fingers::.)

The "X Factor" judge shared the photo on Twitter of her getting spots, or according to the caption, "Gettin' CeCe-fied!!!!! #TeamCeCe #Warrior," in support of Demi's favorite recently sent home contestant, CeCe Frey, whose fashion-forward trend has been permeating the reality show all season long. We're just glad that Demi went with temporary paint (we know how she loves her ink), because ideally her face should look nice, clean, and GLAM for her upcoming "VH1 Divas" appearance. Besides, facial tattoos look VERY painful (sorry, RiRi), and we like Demi's flawless face the way it is. Now, excuse me while I go slap on some face paint until I look like an impossibly beautiful and famous pop star (or Walk The Moon. Their way works too!).

Photo credit: @ddlovato