Star Spotting: Simon Cowell Must've Told Britney Spears The Best Joke EVER (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears: Tiny body, MASSIVE SMILE.

Simon Cowell is a total visionary when it comes to discovering and developing new talent (One Direction, guys?), but we had no idea he was also the Britney whisperer! Because can you remember the last time Britney Spears had a smile this big? Oh, you can't? That makes sense, because we literally don't think it's ever happened before. EVER. Honestly, isn't Britney's jaw about to lock from being extended so much? (I have TMJ, so I think about jaws sometimes. TMI.)

See more of Britney Spears with Simon Cowell after the jump.

Britney and Simon were snapped on the step and repeat for last night's "X Factor" viewing party. We're not sure what the eff Simon said to Britney to make her THIS JOYFUL (legit, the only way I'd smile that big was is if Simon said he was giving me the 5 million "X Factor" dollars and/or my own record label imprint under Syco), but it thrills us to no end, regardless. Mazel tov to you, Simon! Thank you for making our queen happy.

Photo credit: Getty Images