Star Spotting: Before Rihanna Had Her Own Private Jet, She Was Just A BEAUTIFUL Teenager (PHOTO)

RiRi is only 15 years old in this photo! Oh, how we've grown.

Rihanna clearly runs things now. She's had so many amazing moments this year, that we literally can't figure out which one was her best. Like, for example, Rihanna has her own plane! (It might still carry the ghosts of sick journalists from Rihanna's controversial "777" tour, but whatever.) Well, private jet or no private jet, the baddest girl in the game wasn't always so ballin'. Believe it or not, Rihanna was once a normal teen like the rest of us, but, y'know, probably without all that pesky awkwardness. Seriously, even teenage RiRi looks flawless.

The "Diamonds" singer posted this and a bunch of other older pictures with the caption "The day I met and sang for Evan Rogers of SRP after school, my life has never been the same since I took this pic at 15." Can we just talk about the smile on Rihanna's face here?? On a day that possibly EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH would be trembling with nerves, Rihanna is grinning with confidence, probably knowing she'd nail a make-or-break audition, ultimately cementing the superstar status she enjoys today. See guys, the true divas... They're just born with it, and we can only stand by and be insanely jealous watch.

Photo credit: @badgalriri