Watch The Extended Version Of Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away' Video

You're gonna need a stash of tissues for Katy Perry's extended "The One That Got Away" video.

Just when we thought we were finished bawling our eyes out over Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" video, the internet up and provided us with a brand-new director's cut. And IT'S SEVEN MINUTES LONG.

Watch the extended version of Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" video after the jump.

Starring Mexican actor Diego Luna ("Y Tu Mamá También") as Katy's leather jacket-wearing, artist boyf, the video's extended version features ten times more Diego & Katy "flirting over art" scenes (no complaints there), "cute dancing at the Latvian folk dancing joint (thank you, "The One That Got Away" pop-up video for teaching us about that), and ten times more dramatic fighting. In fact, the extended version cuts out the music for a good 30 seconds to elaborate on the huge fight between Katy and Diego that ultimately results in their breakup and Diego's untimely death. We won't ruin it, but let's just say throwing paint all over your boyfriend's unfinished art isn't exactly the smartest move, especially when said boyfriend is an artiste.

As sad as it is, this is one of Katy's best videos to date, and we'd like to extend a heartfelt "thanks!" to whomever decided it was time to show us the whole thing. Too bad we just got a set of false lashes that are now completely ruined by tears. Someone owes us 60 bucks.

+ Watch the extended version of Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records