Star Spotting: Beyonce Is Pretty Much Living Our Childhood Dreams IRL (PHOTOS)

Beyoncé is living our childhood dreams, minus the brand-new bike.

Beyoncé is a person whom we have NO problems with living through vicariously (What? That's totally healthy). We LIVE for her power couple status with Jay-Z, we're ready to learn all the intimate details behind her flawlessness in her upcoming HBO documentary, and we are FREAKING OUT about her forthcoming new album. So when Queen Bey posts a bunch of photos of her playing with a pinball machine and using a candy machine in a dress that literally matches all the items in the home, we were MORE than a little excited.

See more of Beyoncé in a childhood dream house after the jump.

Beyoncé was snapped in the very matchy-matchy photos, which she uploaded to Tumblr. While we aren't clear if this stuff is actually in her house, someone else's, or the studio where she's recording her new album (just had to remind everyone), we can only pray that the candy machine AND pinball machine are in her home. (Because can you imagine how much luckier Blue Ivy would be?? CAN YOU?)

Basically, if we were as unimaginably rich as Bey and Jay are, we would devote a wing of our manor to all of the things we wanted (and probably never got) as kids. Obviously, fully stocked candy and pinball machines would be purchases No. 1 and 2. Then we'd get bikes, golf carts and a giant pile of gold coins to dive into like from "DuckTales." OK, maybe we'd go broke pretty quick, but Beyoncé is kind of SUPER talented, and that means she probably has a steady stream of cash coming in. Knowing us, we'd blow it all in a week and be back to working in fast food. So we'll just stick to living through you, Bey. It's for the best.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr/Beyoncé's Instgram