An Open Letter To Rob Kardashian Regarding This Terrible Rita Whora Business

Rob Kardashian, please stop slut shaming Rita Ora. It's just not cool.

Hey Rob,

Annie here. I copilot the MTV Twitter and I live-tweet "Catfish" (the show about online relationships), so I know how tempting it is to pop off on the interweb when you have FEELINGS.

That said, it was really disappointing the other day when what to my wondering tweets should appear but #RitaWhora trending on Twitter. A lot of dumb stuff trends -- #HosDoAnythingForA, for example -- but in this particular instance it was because you "insinuated" to your 3.8 million followers that your maybe-ex, Rita Ora, boned some dudes whilst you were dating. Then you offered some helpful sex tips to women in relationships.

Read more of my feelings about Rob Kardashian's tweets after the jump.

Even though you technically didn't use the word "whore," I posit your words fall under the umbrella of slut shaming, Rob, which is a tired, archaic practice that's been around long before Twitter and well before we kept up with the Kardashians and their sexploits. (And how pissed would you be if someone slut shamed a member of your family?) It really doesn't matter if you slut shamed Rita Ora or me or your sisters or your first-grade teacher. When you go off about women sleeping around and try to tell them/me how we should manage our ladyparts, especially on Twitter, you're bringing down the curve for dudes everywhere. It's just ungentleman-like! If you were, in fact, cheated on, I agree that sucks. But be a man and take the high road.

In the future, lay off talking about gals' extracurricular activities and maybe refocus your energies on opening up your own Go-Kart facility? You seem to like them.

Tweets and kisses,


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