Star Spotting: Please Tell Us Justin Timberlake Is On The Phone To Talk About Making New Music (PHOTO)

We PRAY this a phone call to Justin Timberlake's record label!

We know -- there's not much going on this photo of Justin Timberlake, aside from the fact that he's JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and still looks so hot that it's beyond comprehension. However, seeing just about any photo of Justin makes us pine for the days when he used to release bangin' music on the regular (we still listen to you, "LoveStoned!"). Sometimes, we even let our thoughts get the best of us and fantasize about the day JT decides to hop back on the music train and fill our lives with happiness and joy again.

Justin was snapped making a phone call while taking a stroll in NYC yesterday, and we were thinking: Mayyyybe he was on the horn with his record label casually negotiating a new deal? Or maybe it was Timbaland (please let it be Timbaland!) and JT was discussing a "Carry Out" Part 2 record, because we all know that song was seriously underrated, amirite? Or, in what would be the best case scenario, maybe JT was on the phone with Pharrell, who was all like, "Bro!! Let's make a new "Señorita," but this time, dedicate it your new wifey, Jessica." Or, maybe he was just on the phone with his mom, checking in and wishing her a happy holiday. No offense to mama Timberlake, but we really hope it's NOT that.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News