Star Spotting: Harry Styles Caught A Bra Onstage! NOBODY Tell Taylor Swift, 'Kay? (PHOTOS)

"Hey, who threw this thing!?"

One Direction has a lot of luck with girls. Harry Styles is proving that by holding hands with Taylor Swift, though some One Direction fans are taking it harder than others (hang in there, ladies). But even though it's totally out there that Taylor and Harry -- aka "Haylor" -- are an item, most Directioners still have hope that Harry will change his mind, as demonstrated by a fan who threw a bra at Harry Styles onstage during a One Direction concert this week. Ladies be TRIPPIN' and STRIPPIN'! And that puts Harry in an awkward position.

See more of Harry Styles with a bra on stage after the jump.

The "Little Things" singers performed at New York's Madison Square Garden last night, when a fan decided to throw her bra onstage. Because maybe it was sweaty and itchy! Maybe she wanted to get Harry Styles' attention? Maybe she wanted to make a third-wave feminist statement! Or maybe she wrote her number on it. Regardless, this is something Harry needs to call a "RED FLAG" on immediately. We aren't saying that Taylor's the jealous type, but most girls probably wouldn't be totally comfortable with their dude pieces handling other girls' underthings. ALSO, most girls don't have the power to write a song about their exes and have a nation of girls behind them. Tread carefully, Harry. And DROP THE BRA.


Photo credit: Splash News

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