New Video: Fat Creeps, 'Daydreaming'

Fat Creeps may not remember the '90s, but they sure sound like they do.

Remember the '90s? Probably not, but let me tell you, man everything was so great back then. Mostly because we were a lot younger and that makes everything better, but still. Massachusetts' Fat Creeps know what we're talking about, although maybe not literally. Gracie Jackson, Jim Leonard, and Mariam Saleh are all between 22 and 25 (breaks out calculator), so they probably weren't around when one of our favorite '90s videos of all time debuted -- "Cannonball" by the Breeders -- but they sure sound like they were in their new video for “Daydreaming.”

Watch Fat Creeps' "Daydreaming" video after the jump.

The video, shot around their home base of Lynn, Mass., and directed by Avi Paul Weinstein, showcases the band's creeping harmonies and grungy guitars, and, only slightly less important, some truly amazing jackets. Seriously, where did they get those? We totally meant to ask when we called Leonard and Saleh to tell us about the video, and their '90s jones.

"The song is about a daydream," Saleh jokes. "I'm not really sure what it's about. I guess it's about some guy. A guy who was bad."

"It's probably about me," Leonard says. "Mariam is shaking her head all angry right now. For me the song has always had that quality of a daydream, so we went for that with the video as well, overall with the music, and the way we recorded it, we wanted it to be all fuzzed out. I think Avi did a good job getting a similar style with the video."

"We just love those '90s and late '80s videos, so we just kind of went for a VHS kind of quality, tinselly looking colors, and funny, corny shots," Saleh says.

This isn't the first time they've gotten the Breeders comparison, by the way. "We all definitely dig on the Breeders and a lot of bands from that time," she says. "We've gotten that we sound like them a lot."

Is it annoying yet?

"Yes and no. "Yes because no one really wants to hear that they sound like the same band over and over, and no because the Breeders are really cool."

The track will be part of a forthcoming split EP with friends Zebu on Feeding Tube Records out of Northampton, Mass. It's the band's second release after their debut self-titled EP, whose guitar-noir heartbreak on songs like the amazing "Leave Her Alone" garnered them a Best New Act nomination at this week's Boston Music Awards. Not bad for a band that didn't form until the end of 2011, especially for Saleh, who didn't even play any instruments until 2010 when she and Jackson starting jamming together for fun.

"Gracie and I knew each other through mutual friends. We met one day and bonded by making fun of people and stuff. She played music, and I didn't. I had never played anything before, and we kind of jammed one day and started a band." A friend had moved to California and left her his drum set, so they started playing as a duo. Another fortuitous donation of a guitar made her switch instruments, which she took to very quickly, she says. Leonard started going to see them perform with a rotating cast of drummers soon thereafter. "I thought they had great songs, but they were sloppy and all over the place," he says. "I am usually drawn to things that are sloppy, and I saw something awesome in the band."

We do, too. Good call on that whole thing, Jim. The band's rough-around-the-edges aesthetic, along with some truly memorable harmonized hooks, are part of their charm.

"We're less sloppy now," Leonard says. "That comes from playing tons of shows, cause we don't practice."

"Well, we try," says Saleh. "But they usually turn into, like, eating burritos and hanging out."

Whatever it is, it sounds like it's working!

+ Watch Fat Creeps' "Daydreaming" video.

Photo credit: Thomas McCaul