Taylor Swift Held Hands With One Direction's Harry Styles: Proof That Their Love Is Real! (PHOTO)

Guys, Haylor is more on than ever!

OK, so remember how yesterday we told you that Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles (Haylor) took a romantic stroll in NYC's Central Park Zoo? And how it meant that #Haylor is officially ON? Remember how we nearly died a few times just thinking about it ("it" being the breakup song possibilities)? Well, get ready to lose your footing with visions of butterflies, sparkles, and floating hearts, because Taylor and Harry were spotted again after last night's One Direction performance at NYC's Madison Square Garden. But this time they're holding hands! Which totally means that their love is REAL.

Snapped together after Harry's show with One Direction at (a very sold out) Madison Square Garden, the "Little Things" singer met up with Taylor as they got ready to head back to her hotel. ::Makes kissy noises:: We know this romance is still relatively new and all, and we know that Taylor is juuuust out of another relationship with an 18-year-old dude whose last name rhymes with "Shmennedy," but GUYYSS they're holding hands! They look so haaaaappy. They're in lurve! Which makes us so happy! (Even though we're already sort of making up titles for her next breakup song, because we KNOW TAYLOR'S LIFE.)

Photo credit: INF

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