Video Premiere: tyDi Featuring Kerli, 'Glow in The Dark'

Watch tyDi's anti-bullying video, "Glow In The Dark," featuring Kerli.

Australian DJ and producer tyDi has just released "Glow In The Dark," a socially conscious music video that features "The Lucky Ones" singer Kerli. Though the song sounds like a slick pop record you might expect to hear in the after hours of a club in Ibiza (props to us for even having the 411 on the after-hours scene in Ibiza), the video speaks out against bullying and issues faced by teens all around the world.

Watch tyDi's 'Glow in The Dark' video featuring Kerli after the jump.

In tyDi's "Glow In The Dark" clip, we see various bullying vignettes ranging from a kid getting held up in school for his lunch money to a young girl being sexually assaulted by two men in a park. Not only does the video take us through people's experiences with bullying, but it also shows how this hurt can be cyclical and projected onto others. But, as Dan Savage says, "It gets better." We're also treated to scenes of people doing good and breaking the bullying cycle -- from a young boy giving money to a homeless person to a ferocious mother protecting her son from getting hit. With so many videos that focus on the superficial things in life, it's inspiring to see tyDi use his influence to bring awareness to the growing issue of bullying. #GoodKarma.

+ Watch tyDi's 'Glow in The Dark' video featuring Kerli.

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