A Day To Remember Hint At Exciting Things To Come With Their New Album Teaser Video

A Day To Remember hint at big things to come with their new album teaser.

Mark your calendars for Dec. 12, guys (just make sure you're not using a Mayan one). Apocalypse aside, it's actually going to be a day to remember music-wise (if you see what we did there). There's something in the works from Florida punk-pop/metalcore quintet, and Buzzworthy Fan Favorite A Day To Remember, according to a (now-disabled) teaser video they just posted to their website along with an ominous countdown clock.

Find out more about A Day To Remember's album teaser video after the jump.

Y'know, it would be kind of cool of them to push whatever it is up a day or two for all their fans, you know, just in case, but the Florida bros' chugging riffs and guttural screaming sound like about as good a soundtrack to the end of the world as any we can think of, so as long it's at least a new song, we should be covered. Directions to the nearest spaceship blasting off before the hail of brimstone and fire might be good too. Just saying.

No word yet from the band, who we last saw living out every dude's fantasy by crawling inside of a video game in their “2nd Sucks” video (and hanging out with *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick), on what they have in store.

What's it going to be then? An accelerated release date of their hotly anticipated new album Common Courtesy? An even cuter unicorn tote bag? A personal appearance from the band at your house where they text you ahead of time, like, "Oh hai, NBD, it's A Day To Remember, from the music and stuff. Just rolling through your specific geographic location and thought you might be down to get your face blown off by some rock power when you're done with school or w/e." It's probably that last one! Or maybe it's just a new single.

"The whole record makes me kind of emotional, really," frontman Jeremy McKinnon explains in the video. "Like, a ton of songs. We go into real-life situations. We go back to the beginning of our band, and you know kind of the tell the story of where we came from." Where they came from, btw, is the Florida hardcore scene, and they talk about what it was like in their early days here. "We're going to these hardcore shows and see all these people like diving over the top of each other singing along, these big group vocal parts, and it's just like, we want that too. We want to play a pop song but I want that to happen too, so we just did it," McKinnon says. (Oh weird, that's exactly what they did, and exactly what happens at their shows now, so, to sum things up, follow your dreams is the lesson here I guess?) "I think this is some of the best material that we've written," McKinnon says. "I know people say that with every album, but I know it is."

Welp, too bad none of us will be around to hear it. :/

Photo credit: Victory Records