Star Spotting: We Really Hope Drake Is Cooking Up Some Donkey Sauce With Guy Fieri (PHOTO)

Drake, possibly cooking up a three-napper with Guy Fieri.

Drake is UNQUESTIONABLY a Canadian hero. He did just join Justin Bieber on stage over the weekend in Toronto (we're pretty sure that 50 percent of the country's precious cargo was on stage that night). Celebrity chef Guy Fieri spends most of the time either traveling across the United States eating diner food, or opening restaurants like Guy's American Kitchen And Bar to Since these two guys represent their home nations so proudly, we should DEF consider this a summit between some of the countries' greatest ambassadors.

The "Amen" rapper was snapped working in the kitchen with Guy yesterday with the caption "Drake And Guy Fieri Last Night." That has us wondering: What kind of recipes would these two come up with? Well, it would definitely have a lot of "Diced Pineapples," a liberal amount of Guy's famous Donkey Sauce, and a "Fancy" sprig of parsley? OK, that doesn't sound very good, but we have to believe that these two will find a way to whip something up that will taste delicious. If all else fails, Guy can just deep-fry whatever they come up with. Don't worry if it's unhealthy for you... Drake says "YOLO" anyway!

Photo credit: @wordonrd