New Song: Austin Mahone Featuring Flo Rida, 'Say You're Just A Friend'

Austin Mahone releases his own take on Biz Markie's "Just A Friend."

Austin Mahone seems to be expanding his contact list (or Facebook friends, whatever method you prefer) at a rapid pace. First, he announces that he's opening for -- ahem -- Taylor Swift, and now his brand-new single, "Say You're Just A Friend," features Flo Rida. Not too shabby for a 16-year-old. But then again, he's a 16-year-old who is totally jacked, so clearly dude is focused.

Listen to Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend" featuring Flo Rida after the jump.

Truth be told, we never thought any version of Biz Markie's famed "Just A Friend" could top Mario's interpretation, aptly titled "Just A Friend 2002," but the "Say Something" singer has released his own take on Biz's hit, and we're all about it. Set to a sugary-sweet pop beat, Austin's record sports an original verse that has him singing his heart out to a lady pal (key word, pal). Naturally, once the chorus rolls around, Austin is still trying to get this gal to date him, only this time, he borrows Biz Markie's familiar melody. Flo chimes in toward the end, and ushers Austin right back into the refrain of his soul-baring hook. Did we need to hear this song remade again? Not necessarily, but if anyone's gonna do it, it might as well be Austin. Also, we knoowww Austin must be joking, right? Because what girl's gonna call him a "friend" when he wants to add the word "girl" in front of that word? But it's cool -- he's paying homage to a classic. We get you, Austin.

+ Listen to Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend" featuring Flo Rida.

Photo credit: Chase/Universal