Beyonce And Jay-Z In The Studio Together? We Smell A Duet! (PHOTO)

Bey and Jay hard at work in the studio. But where is Blue Ivy?

When we heard that Beyoncé would start recording her next album, we nearly lost our minds. And can you blame us? She's Queen Bey! We caught a glimpse of her recording tracks a few weeks ago, and of course with this AH-mazing news, we started to speculate if there would be any guest appearances on her upcoming record (pshh, not like she needs 'em or anything). But according to this photo snapped by Timbaland-affiliated writer Jozzy, it looks like Bey's better half, Jay-Z, might appear on a track with her! (Either that or he surprised her with some mid-recording session Chinese food like the good husband that he is.)

Jozzy snapped the pic of the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show performer with the caption "THIS IS WHO I'M LOOKING AT RIGHT NOW! JAY Z AND BEYONCE #BLESSED TO BE HERE." The photo and tweet were deleted after fans got a little crazy (besides, they probably want to keep this project as under wraps as possible), but this being the internet, stuff just kind of lives forever. Given what we know thus far, we can say that maaaaybe Jay-Z is on this album, DEFINITELY soulful crooner Miguel is on the album, and if we cross our fingers real hard, Blue Ivy will be featured on the album?! Can't blame us for wishing. Why can't 2013 get here already?!?!

Photo credit: @dopebyaccident