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Wow, where do we even begin with Rihanna? Y'all know that Ri Ri is like, our No. 1 thing to talk about, whether it's to do with her recently released seventh album, Unapologetic, her magical "Diamonds" video, nearly naked Instagrams and magazine spreads, chaotic around-the-world press tours (never forget "777," guys), questionable dating choices (not judging...much), or her ::ahem:: frequent herbal refreshments. There is just not enough space in this blog post to list all of Rihanna's goings on this year, not to mention how much she accomplished careerwise. Because this truly was Rihanna's year --she wasn't named the best-selling digital artist of all time in the U.S. for nothing. That said, check out our favorite Rihanna moments of 2012, then vote for YOUR favorite below!

Check out our favorite Rihanna moments of 2012, then vote for your favorite after the jump. The winning moment will be revealed during "The Big & Best of 2012" livestream on Wednesday, Dec. 12. at 12 p.m. ET/PT!

1.) Rihanna wins two Grammys: Not only did Rihanna perform a dance-crazed rendition of "We Found Love" at the 54th Annual Grammys, Rihanna won two Awards for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song for "All Of The Lights," also featuring Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Fergie.

2.) Rihanna's one of Time magazine’s most influential people: Like the lady bawse she is, Rihanna clocked in at No. 20 on Time magazine's list of 100 Most Influential People In The World.

3.) Rihanna has a glorious vacation in Barbados: Let it be known right now -- Rihanna's summer vacation was better than yours. While most people head to the Jersey Shore or Cape Cod, or even sunbathing in their own backyards, Ri's summer vacay in Barbados consisted of her looking sexy in bikinis, tubing, and sailing around on a yacht.

4.) Rihanna is named one of Forbes highest-paid stars under 30: We know, you hate your life after reading this one. In addition to being physically flawless, Rihanna reportedly raked in $53 million in 2012, making her one of Forbes' highest-paid stars under 30. Did we mention that Rihanna was just 24 when she collected her cash? Yeah, we know, goodbye self esteem!

5.) Rihanna posts a bazillion topless Instagram portraits: What would Rihanna do without Instagram? Because this was definitely the year of the Naked Rihanna Instagram. We saw our lady Ri nearly naked in the pool, during Halloween, AFTER Halloween, just because, and billions of other times. And that's not counting her dominatrixy photo shoot with Kate Moss or her VERY naked GQ spread. Someone get this girl some clothes! Or, you know, not.

6.) Rihanna gets personal with Oprah: Rihanna offered a stripped-down look at her life in an Oprah special that aired last August. Driving through her hometown in Barbados, Rihanna opened up about her controversial contact with onetime paramour Chris Brown as well as her fame-related fears and insecurities.

7.) Rihanna gives a surprise performance at Coachella: All herb-related controversy aside, Rihanna joined her "We Found Love" producer Calvin Harris for a rendition of "Where Have You Been" as well as the aforementioned track at last April's Coachella in Indio, California.

8.) Rihanna OWNS her opening performance at the 2012 MTV VMAs: Opening the 2012 MTV VMAs with "Cockiness" and "We Found Love," Rihanna took the stage with A$AP Rocky, who may or may not have gotten a little handsy toward the end.

9.) Rihanna is the new best-selling digital artist of all time: As of this year, Rihanna has officially sold more than 25 million albums and 60 million digital singles worldwide since her career took off in 2005. And yep, this literally makes her one of the best selling artists of all time. Not only that, but Unapologetic is her first No. 1 album in the U.S., debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. Take that, recording industry!

10.) Rihanna gets a ginormous Isis tattoo: In honor of her late grandmother Dolly, Rihanna added a huuuge Isis-themed tattoo to her already growing ink collection. The clincher? This one's on what's known in medical circles as her "under-boob" region.

11.) Rihanna releases "Diamonds": In addition to looking GORG in the track's video, "Diamonds" was a huge win for Ri -- it's her very first number one single in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 chart!

12.) Rihanna teams up with Chris Brown: We hardly need to remind you of Chris Brown's er, RECORD, but it seems old habits really do die hard. Ever since their lover's quarrel in '09, Rihanna's been inching closer and closer back into Chris' life. Not only did the two openly embrace at the 2012 MTV VMAs, but they've been collaborating in the studio, most recently on Unapologetic's Michael Jackson-esque jam, "Nobody's Business." And as much as we're loathe to say it, the track is really, really good.

13.) Rihanna goes on a "777" tour: OK, so maybe Rihanna's "seven days/seven countries/seven concerts" Unapologetic tour idea didn't QUITE run as smoothly as planned, but it definitely got her what she was looking for: worldwide attention.

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