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++ UPDATE: You voted, and your favorite Justin Bieber moment of 2012 was when Justin won three American Music Awards at the 2012 AMAs in November. Watch Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai and MTV News' Christina Garibaldi announce the winning moment on "The Best & Best Of 2012." ++

Oh, Justin Bieber. JB. The Biebs. What would 2012 have been without Justin Bieber? Arguably, every year since 2009 or so has belonged to JB, but this was definitely a bona fide year of change for our guy. Not only did Justin Bieber turn the big 1-8 last March, officially marking his transition from a boy to a man singer (technically...we're still waiting for that beard to come in, mostly so Ke$ha can eat it), but this year we've witnessed everything from Justin's Believe album to his public breakup/are-they-or-aren't-they saga with Selena Gomez. That's a lot of stuff by itself, and we didn't even mention that time he barfed on stage, got an owl tattoo, tweeted the ish out of his ever-growing six-pack, won a bunch of American Music Awards, ogled a crew of Victoria's Secret models, and got his very own NYC Appreciation Day. Because when a self-absorbed city like NYC stops to admire you, you know you've made it. Check out the rest of our favorite Justin Bieber moments of 2012, then vote for your favorite!

Check out our favorite Justin Bieber moments of 2012, then vote for your favorite after the jump! The winning moment will be revealed during "The Big & Best of 2012" livestream on Wednesday, Dec. 12. at 12 p.m. ET/PT.

1.) Justin Bieber gets his own NYC appreciation day: While visiting J&R Music And Computer World in June to meet some Beliebers and sign copies of his new disc, Justin received a proclamation from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer officially declaring the day "Justin Bieber J&R Appreciation Day." That's June 19, in case you want to mark it on your 2013 calendar.

2.) Justin Bieber drops his "Boyfriend" video: In the video for "Boyfriend," the first single off of 2012's Believe disc, Bieber snuggles with a cute lady friend, surrounded by a slew of muscle cars, natch.

3.) Justin Bieber gets his face beaten in "As Long As You Love Me" video: Swerving in a more srs direction after his teeny, poppy "Boyfriend" video, "As Long As You Love Me" features a bloodied and battered Bieber as he goes against his girlfriend's threatening father in an effort to save their relationship.

4.) Justin Bieber appears in his first prime-time network special: In NBC's hour-long special "Justin Bieber Believe: All Around the World," Beliebers got a behind-the-scenes look at Justin's global promotional tour in support of Believe, using a combination of documentary and music performance footage.

5.) Justin Bieber barfs on stage: Poor Justin. We'll never forget the time he upchucked onstage during the opening leg of his "Believe" tour in Phoenix. The best part though? He got right back up to perform some more. And just to show how he can laugh at himself, Justin tweeted that "Milk was a bad choice! Lol." It happens to the best of us, dude!

6.) Justin Bieber's computer gets "hacked" revealing the "Beauty And A Beat" video featuring Nicki Minaj: When Justin tweeted in October that that some of his personal belongings had been stolen, we expected some pantsless pics we didn't know what to expect. Fortunately, we didn't have to worry for very long, 'cause turns out Biebs' "stolen footage" was "recovered" in the form of a video for his next single off Believe, "Beauty And A Beat," featuring Nicki Minaj.

7.) Justin Bieber serenades Victoria's Secret models: During his performances at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, airing Dec. 4 on CBS, Justin delivered a bawse performance of "As Long As You Love Me" and stared pretty blatantly at the show's gorgeous models. (File under: You Know You've Made It When...)

8.) Justin Bieber gets an owl tattoo: While on his "Believe" tour, Justin got some brand-new ink in the form of an cartoonish owl tattoo on his forearm. We still want to know if he can make it dance like Petunia on "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete"!

9.) Justin Bieber breaks up with Selena Gomez: In the SADZ heard 'round the world, Justin and Selena broke up (then got back together a few times) in fall 2012. And we're STILL not over it. We certainly don't support Justin being sad or anything, but for all of Justin's layydayy fans, we get why this might've been one of your favorite moments.

10.) Justin Bieber wins three 2012 American Music Awards: Not only did Biebs bring home three AMAs (Artist Of The Year, Favorite Male Artist Pop/Rock, Favorite Album Pop/Rock), but he rocked his combo performance of "As Long As You Love Me" and "Beauty And A Beat" with Nicki Minaj. What's more, fresh off of his super sadz breakup with Selena Gomez, JB brought his mom as a date -- who stood idly by as Jenny McCarthy swooped in for a few neck smooches.

11.) Justin Bieber tweets endless pictures of his abs: JB seems quite intent on telling the world, well, the social media world, anyway, that he's no longer a boy, but definitely a man -- a RIPPED man, that is. We can only hope for such good fortune in 2013!

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