Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Take A Romantic Stroll In NYC, Which Totally Means Haylor Is ON! (PHOTOS)

Haylor is ON! Rejoice!

After weeks of speculation, we can now pretty much confirm that a budding romance between Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles (otherwise known as HAYLOR) is ON! Because if a stroll through NYC's famed Central Park Zoo doesn't read "ROMANCE," we're not sure what does. (Fine, the only way their date could have been more romantic is if they'd been on a horse and carriage ride, but they've gotta keep a low profile. We get it.)

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In all seriousness though, you can totally tell by the giant smiles on their faces/the ridiculously blatant puppy dog eyes that something is a brewin' and it's definitely not coffee (ba dum ching!). On one hand, we're all about this new relationship for Taylor -- Harry's cute, won't be thrown by her fame, and HELLO THE ACCENT. On the other hand, the dude's only 18 years old and a known player, so how long can this whole thing really last? Whatever -- by now you know the drill: Haylor will date, they'll break up, Harry will rebound with some hot older pop star (he's rumored to like slightly older ladies), and Taylor Swift will write a song about it that will boost both her and One Direction's album sales significantly. So really, everyone wins!


Photo credit: Splash News

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