Star Spotting: Kevin And Danielle Jonas Take The Cutest Christmas Photo The World's Ever Seen (PHOTO)

Please gaze upon the most perfect holiday photo ever taken in the history of holiday photos.

Um, can anyone say "picture-perfect holiday card"? Although they probably didn't intend to, Kevin Jonas and his wifey, Danielle Jonas, may have accidentally taken the most quintessentially holiday photo EVER. "But it's just a couple in front a Christmas tree," you say. WRONG! Look closely... it's sooo much more than that.

First, it's Kevin and Danielle Jonas, who (as a unit) are definitely more attractive than your average run-of-the-mill couple. (Sorry, normal couples worldwide, but you know it's true.) Second, Danielle is rocking a scarf (because what holiday card is complete without one gratuitous piece of winter wear?). Last, the base of the Christmas tree is surrounded by Christmastime's signature flower, the poinsettia, and the tree is so meticulously covered in ornaments that we actually think it's possible the underbelly is plastic and was imported from a prop warehouse. Oh, and sorry to be blunt with this one, but neither Kevin or Danielle have runny, gross noses. Because you and I both know that the majority of "look at us standing in front of this gorgeous tree in the depths of winter!" photos include the inevitable red and runny nose. (Sure, it looks like Kev and Danielle are in California, otherwise known as the state where everyone stays healthy and beautiful all year round, but the rest of the world doesn't have to know that.)

So, congrats, my friends! Ten bucks says that Kev and Danielle make this the cover of their annual Christmas card. Let us know if you need our address!

Photo credit: @KevinJonas