New Song: Goldroom Featuring SLL, 'Sweetness Alive'

Goldroom is back with a sweet new dance track.

After diving through a teenage summer in chill-out anthem "Fifteen," L.A. producer Goldroom is ready to kick things up a notch. New single "Sweetness Alive" hands the vocals over to a pair of female singers, the breezy twins of SLL (formerly Saint Lou Lou), who bring us on an EDM romp. The buoyant EDM track bounces instead of floating, driven by funky synth pulses and a bass line grooving just ahead of the steady 4/4 drums. The dance track leaves no room for a breather, dropping parts in and out like sprinters passing batons -- er, excuse, us, disco sticks.

Listen to Goldroom featuring SLL's "Sweetness Alive" after the jump.

"Set us free/ we're dancing in the fields of delight/ it's all so bright," SLL sing, and you can practically see the disco ball shimmering. The track doesn't name its vision of paradise -- Ibiza? Miami? -- so you'll have to use your imagination. "Close your eyes and let this take you somewhere nicer," Goldroom's Josh Legg urges in the track's SoundCloud liner notes. We're already there, dude.

Goldroom's "Angeles" EP dropped earlier this year, with the producer keeping busy with a handful of mixes and the occasional new track. "Sweetness Alive" is already an online hit, bowing in the Hype Machine's top 15 this week -- can't wait to hear it everywhere.

+ Listen to Goldroom featuring SLL's "Sweetness Alive."

Photo credit: Goldroom