The Buzz On: Baker

Meet our newest pop obsession: Baker.

While plenty of pop singers can also call themselves songwriters, how many of them qualify as bona fide classical cellists? Let us rephrase: How many pop singers are classical cellists who went to Harvard? Yeah, probably not too many. That brings us to Baker -- the Harvard-educated, classical cellist-turned FABULOUS pop singer who is currently burning up YouTube with his viral hit, "Not Gonna Wait."

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Earning well over four million YouTube hits, we are POSITIVE that if it hasn't already, "Not Gonna Wait" will find its home in da club, as well as on every pop radio station ever. As for the track's video, Baker is seen strutting around NYC (he spends a lot of time prowling around on the High Line and staring longingly out a high rise window -- not bad scenery at ALL) looking smokin' hot and singing his heart out. Fun fact: Baker wore an IRL pajama top for most of the video because he wanted to be comfortable! A man after our own hearts...

As far as Baker's upcoming album is concerned, dude is working with a slew of production talent including Young Boyz (who also did "Collide" for Leona Lewis) and Eric Sanicola from RedOne (he helped produce Cher Lloyd's album!). Not only that, but Baker co-writes with Damon Sharpe (he's written for Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue, among others). As for Baker himself, the Manhattan native channels a variety of musical influences -- we're seeing a little bit of David Bowie-cool swagger with the come hither pop sensuality of Enrique Iglesias, or more currently, Asher Monroe. A rare combo, we know, but Baker 100% pulls it off.

Baker's upcoming debut album is set to drop in Spring 2013, and will also include "Not Gonna Wait" as well as another of Baker's singles, "Convince Me."

+ Listen to "Not Gonna Wait," "Convince Me," and more of Baker's music.

Photo credit: Pots N Pans Films LLC