Buzzworthy Obsession: TwentyForSeven, 'All I Ever Wanted'

Meet TwentyForSeven, your new guilty pleasure.

Meet TwentyForSeven. They're four cute bros from Michigan, and we're currently experiencing mild to moderate asphyxiation that may lead to an obsession blackout after playing their song "All I Ever Wanted" on repeat-peat-peat-peat for nearly a week. (Sorry. Selena ref. Not sorry!) Actually, we're pretty positive this jam's about to become the kind of Friday night getting-ready jam that'll make you smear your eyeliner because you'll be jumping around in front of the mirror as you apply! (Just put the pencil down until you're done jumping around like a hysterical maniac. Also, in my experience, these work best when your face is a mess.)

Watch TwentyForSeven’s "All I Ever Wanted" lyric video after the jump.

"All I Ever Wanted," one of the standout tracks on TwentyForSeven's Forget The World debut EP, is a sugary-sweet, feel-good pop record that reminds us a little bit of Asher Monroe and Hot Chelle Rae mixed with a dash of One Direction. And we're not the only ones who seem to be having a total freak-out over the boys, either. TwentyForSeven's already played with Gym Class Heroes and Sum 41, and did we mention they've got more than 2.5 million views on YouTube? (Um, late pass.) Watch out for these guys, but in the meantime, lock your door and have your own private workout/dance party to "All I Ever Wanted." We're actually doing it right now, and it's SO FUN. (Except EW, sweaty is gross!)

Watch TwentyForSeven's "All I Ever Wanted" lyric video.

Photo credit: TwentyForSeven