Watch SUPER Hot Victoria's Secret Models Lip-Synch To Justin Bieber's 'Beauty And A Beat' (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber cavorted with Victoria's Secret models.

There's probably not much that fazes Justin Bieber these days, but I'd imagine being surrounded by a bevvy of ARRESTINGLY STUNNING Victoria's Secret models singing your song probably gets ye ol' mercury rising a bit. If that's not an ego boost, we have no clue what is.

Along with Rihanna (who we're pretty sure was actually just one of the models??) Justin hit the stage at this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, where he shamelessly checked out the Victoria's Secret models, who somehow, in between looking so hot we literally can't stand it and getting their makeup done, the Vickie's Angels found time to dance around like pixies while lip-synching to Justin's Nicki Minaj-assisted, "Beauty And A Beat."

Watch the Victoria's Secret Angels lip-synch to Justin Bieber's "Beauty And A Beat" after the jump.

What's more, the whole video was shot "stolen footage"-style à la that one time a distressed Justin tweeted that his personal belongings had been stolen, and then we found out that was just a giant Punk-ing to publicize his "Beauty And A Beat" video. Either way, Justin looks perhaps a little too thrilled to be chilling with the likes of Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel, but we also don't blame him. And how cute and suave is JB at the :12 second mark when he kissed the models hello?! We know he was probably DYING inside, but he kept it so icy cool. Nicely, nicely done my friend.

+ Watch the Victoria's Secret Angels lip-sync to Justin Bieber's "Beauty And A Beat." 

Photo credit: Victoria's Secret