Star Spotting: Hayley Williams Shows Us Exactly What We Want For Christmas (PHOTO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams rocks a scarf with the band's name. We want it... NOW.

Our Christmas list is already overflowing with merch and other stuff we want from our favorite artists (OMG, that One Direction "Sleeve Blanket" is everything), and now Hayley Williams is here to remind us to add even more stuff -- like an ADORBZ Paramore scarf -- to our Endless List Of Holiday Needs. Also on our holiday wish list? THAT NEW PARAMORE ALBUM!  Annnd, since we're putting it all out there, we'd also like Hayley to come by our house and personally serenade us with a live rendition of "The Only Exception" while we make cupcakes together. Make it happen, Santa.

Hayley shared the photo on Instagram where she's been showing off Paramore merchandise from the Fueled By Ramen online store, along with the caption "You'll also find my new fav scarf on the FBR webstore!" Is it wrong that we're debating scrapping all our gift ideas and going with full-on Paramore goods instead? Our grandma would love this blanket so endlessly. Also, is it wrong to want to wrap this scarf up and send it over to Kanye West? He does LOVE keeping warm in the cruel winter.


Photo credit: @Paramore