New Song: Wiz Khalifa, 'Rise Above,' Featuring Pharrell, Tuki Carter, And Amber Rose (NSFW)

Wiz Khalifa teams with his girl Amber Rose, Pharrell, and Tuki Carter on "Rise Above."

Wiz Khalifa's forthcoming sophomore album, O.N.I.F.C., drops Tuesday, but you don't have to wait until then to hear "Rise Above," Wiz's collaboration with his pregnant, loving and soon-to-be-wife Amber Rose, Pharrell, and Tuki Carter. Also, Wiz and Amber collaborated! Just felt the need to shout that one extra time.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's "Rise Above" featuring Pharrell, Tuki Carter, and Amber Rose after the jump.

Produced by Pharrell, the old-school slow ride has Wiz's signature patina of chill mode as he rhymes about the pitfalls of success (too many cars?! JK) and urges his haters to step the eff back, right the eff now: "You woulda thought that from seeing me going hard/ That that would motivate these motherf****s to get on their job/ But instead they hating on what I've been doing." Treated.

We're not usually huge fans of couples collaborating musically (except of course for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's "What It's Like To Be Me" or ANYTHING with Beyoncé and Jay-Z), but we're making an exception here because we NEED Amber Rose to play the clean version for her baby right now, so it can get even radder by osmosis. Also, when Amber and Wiz's baby finally arrives, she can totally be all like, "Sweetie! Mommy and daddy did this record while you were still in my tummy! Aren't we the coolest parents ever??" To which the baby will mentally reply, "Yes! via an adorable coo. Fine, we know all this hypothesizing about Amber and Wiz's future child is getting weird. We'll cool it. Probably only until tomorrow, though.

+ Listen to Wiz Khalifa's "Rise Above" featuring Pharrell, Tuki Carter, and Amber Rose (NSFW).

Photo credit: Rostrum Records