Karmin Makes The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Even More Wonderful With 'Sleigh Ride' (VIDEO)

Karmin double-time the holiday cheer with their Coach cover of "Sleigh Ride."

Everyone knows that the holiday season is "the most wonderful time of the year." Paradoxically, it's also the time of year when people are most likely to experience depression (SADZ)! That's probably why the holiday music canon runs from one extreme -- Mariah Carey's weepy "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" -- to the unknowable ecstasy of "All I Want for Christmas Is You." But today, let's focus on a gleeful addition to the happy-holiday music catalog: Karmin's cover of the classic Christmas carol "Sleigh Ride."

Watch Karmin's cover of "Sleigh Ride" after the jump.

The Katy Perry-meets-Twista human jukebox duo released a sparkling new video for their version of the Christmas classic "Sleigh Ride" on Coach.com (with a style assist by Rachel Zoe. WE DIYYYYYEEEE.). The cover takes a pretty straight interpretation of the song, but Amy Heidemann injects her patented brand of hip-hop jazz-hands exuberance into the mix, and -- in what'll likely please the legions of Nick Noonan fans out there -- it features a singing verse from both members of the band. Somehow Nick finds the time to sing when he's not dashing back and forth from the piano and the trombone. Giddyup let's go, Karminites! (Sorry, had to.)

+ Watch Karmin's cover of "Sleigh Ride."

Bonus cute: Karmin and a puppy! Merry Christmas!

Photo credit: Getty Images