Can Someone Ask This Enormous Coat If It's Seen Kanye West? (PHOTO)

Kanye West braves the New York City chill in a giant coat.

You can deny that winter's coming all you want, but when you see Kanye West rolling around New York City in a massive coat from his luxurious coat collection, then it's probably time to start trimming the tree. The rapper looks G.O.O.D. as he prepares to brave a "Cruel Winter" (you had to see that one coming) by bundling up like the rest of us, but leave it to 'Ye to pair a casual hoodie with a coat that's basically like the size of a couch. (Hey, he's the fashion guru, and we're just sitting here blogging about him, so he wins!) Except we're a little afraid we're gonna have to call a search-and-rescue mission to help find Kanye, since he's drowing in his outerwear. Oh, also, what's that jacket, Margiela?

Considering the matchy wardrobe history he has going on with Kim Kardashian, we can't wait until the power couple hit the streets together bracing against the blustering cold looking like two VERY fashionable abominable snow people. We just draw the line at wearing a Snuggie for two in public -- that ish ain't cute no matter how famous you are.

Photo credit: Splash News