Star Spotting: Kelly Rowland And Solange Knowles Look Like GORG Twins! (PHOTO)

Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles look like stunning sisters at Solange's "True" EP listening party.

First, can we just say how excited we've been over Solange's new songs "Lovers In The Parking Lot" and "Losing You"? Then can we say that we are even MORE excited about her new True EP dropping this week?? Finally, can we say what we've been dying to say since we saw this picture: Are we sure Solange is Beyoncé's sister?!? We kid. But admit it, Solange and Kelly Rowland kinda look like some GORG relatives. But more important than genetics, can anyone explain to us how one room held so much talent -- someone study the science of THAT, please.

Snapped looking absolutely flawless at Solange's True EP listening party at Sonos Studio, Solange and Kelly were part of an A-list crowd that included her producer Dev Hynes, AND Kiv Schaffer, Jorm Taccone, and Andy Samberg from the Lonely Island were there! Guests danced to tunes from the new record, plus Solange herself even gave a performance! (Best. Party. Ever.) So between all the impossibly good-looking people, great music, and really tasty (probably) free food, the party was yet another one of those epic events that we were so totally invited to -- our invite must have just gotten lost in the mail.

Photo credit: Getty Images